How to Process a STP Final Event

How to Process a STP Final Event

Single Touch Payroll (STP) brings the benefit of not having to provide employees with Payment Summaries or submit a Payment Summary Annual Report (PSAR) file to the ATO.  Instead the user is required to run a Final Event when the financial year is complete to inform the ATO that the company has finalised and confirmed the figures for the employees.

14th July – Final Event must be processed by this date for every other year if submitting via STP

How to process a Single Touch Payroll Final Event

To action this in CloudPayroll, please:

  1. Log into CloudPayroll.
  2. Go to Tax > STP Update/Final Event.
  3. In the For Tax Year field, select the correct tax year.
  4. Click the Go button.
    The page now displays all employees processed through CloudPayroll for the nominated tax year.
  5. Under the Final event for tax year? column, select the employees to process.
    Note: You can select all by ticking the top box.

    Important: The employees to be processed must contain a tick in both boxes:
    • ‘Include in update’, and
    • ‘Final event for tax year?’
  6. Click the  button.
  7. Read the declaration:
  8. Click the Submit button.
  9. Ensure you see the 'Success Message' at the top of the page:

Your Final Event has now been completed. Your employees will be able to view finalised figures from within their myGov account.

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