Leave Approver Guide

Leave Approver Guide

Leave approvers can be given access into CloudPayroll, to approve and/or enter their employees leave requests. This access is setup by main users into CloudPayroll. 

How to login 

  • CloudPayroll will send a system generated activation email upon creation of your access.
  • If you are unable to find you activation email, attempt to log in with your Username/Organization ID provided by your Payroll Manager. Click on the "Reset my password" link and you will be emailed a link to set a new password.
  • When an employee requests leave, an email will be sent to their approver when the request is made. The approver will then receive an email every morning until the request has been actioned.

Approving Leave

You will see any pending leave requests when you first log in. You can change the filter using the drop-down box on the right-hand side.
Note: Before approving any leave ensure you read any warnings regarding leave balances viewed in orange.
  1. Click the tick boxes on the left-hand side of the request you want to approve and press the Approve Selected button.
  2. For further amendments click the pencil icon on the right-hand side, which will take you to the window below.

Review the leave request and make any changes, if required.

Click the save button every time you make changes to a leave request.

Adding Leave Requests 

Leave approvers can manually ad a leave request for an employee.
  1. To add a leave request for an employee press the +Add button.

      2. Choose the employee.
      3. Fill in the required information. 
       Note: The hours should autofill based on the employees setup. However, if it is incorrect, you can override the amount.

 Projected Leave 

Before leave is approved, you may want to ensure the employee has sufficient leave balance.
  1. Click on the "Projected Leave" tab.
  1. Select the Employee on the list on the left
  2. Select the leave type.
  3. The weekly hours worked should default based on the employees profile, but these can be overridden. This is used to calculate the leave accrual up to the projection date.
  4. Choose the "Projection date", the date you want to generate a balance to.
  5. Click, "Go"

Note: If an employee takes unpaid leave, leave does not accrue, and will not be considered in calculating the projected leave balance.

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