Browser Based - Quick Guide

Browser Based - Quick Guide

In this article, you can find basic information on the CloudPayroll Employee Kiosk:

The CloudPayroll Employee Kiosk is a secure website that stores every payslip created by your employer.

Once you have activated your kiosk and logged in, you will see the Dashboard, where you can easily access your latest payslip, leave balances, leave requests, timelogs (if applicable) and leave calendar (if applicable).

If you have not yet activated your kiosk, see CloudPayroll Employee Kiosk - Activate my Kiosk.


Navigate in the Kiosk

You can either select 'Go to ...' to go from a Dashboard widget to a page, or select the page from the menu.


Note: If you view the kiosk on a mobile, the menu is available as a dropdown at the top left of the page:



Your current payslip is on the dashboard, the net pay is hidden.  If you select the eye, the net pay will be visible.


To view this payslip, select Go to Payslip.

My Payslips

  • Details of your pay
  • Select the side arrows to view current and past payslips
  • Print or download options


Pay History

  • Lists your payslips
  • Filter by all payslips, current financial year, previous financial year or custom date range
  • Select the orange arrow to view the payslip
  • Print or download selected payslips


Superannuation History

  • Lists your superannuation contributions as per your payslip
  • Filter by all history or custom date range


  • Select the orange arrow to view the payslip



Leave Requests

To submit a request for approval:

  1. Select Leave Type from Drop Down
  2. Select First Day
  3. Select Last Day
  4. Add reason (if required)
  5. Check or add hours
  6. Press Submit
    You will receive success notification.

An email is generated to your employer or a leave approver with the details of your leave request. 

Leave Summary

A summary of leave requests current and past with their status. This table appears at the bottom of the Leave Requests.

Leave Calendar

Your approved leave in a calendar view, (depending on the settings selected by your employer, you may be able to see the dates of your approved leave of the people in your team).

  • Include team members
  • Filter or Jump to the Month to view
  • Filter by your Team Member


Projected Leave

(depending on the settings selected by your employer, you may also be able to calculate leave balances to a future date when planning leave)

To project leave:

  1. Select leave type
  2. Enter average weekly hours
  3. Enter future paid to date of the leave
  4. Press Calculate
    You will see how the Projected leave balance was calculated.

This is an estimate only and does not submit a leave request.


Leave Balances

(depending on the settings selected by your employer)

Review leave balances as at the last pay.


Tax YTD Summary


Tax YTD Summary

  • Current Tax Year Information - this will match with income statement in my.Gov account
  • Print or download options

Tax YTD Summary History

  • Current and Previous Tax Year Information
  • Select the year
  • Print or download options

My Account



Depending on the settings selected by your employer, you may be able to change these, or select Change Other Details to request to change this information.


To receive an email each pay (no payment details are contained in this email), select Email me when I've been paid.

Change Password

Enter your current, new and confirm your new password (with the complexity rules).

Two Factor Authentication

Optional - (to enable you to set up a secondary security setting that requires an authentication app to access your information).


See when you have been accessing your kiosk.


(Depending on the settings selected by your employer)

You may use the kiosk to submit time entries for approval.

See CloudPayroll Employee Kiosk - Timelogs.

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